For our oldest actors, ages 14-18, entering high school through summer after graduation.


 Performances at Leigh High School

5210 Leigh Avenue 
San Jose, CA 95124

Gable Cast, Thurs, July 19, 7 pm             Stein Cast, Fri July 20, 7 pm

Gable Cast, Sat, July 21, 7 pm                  Stein Cast, Sat, July 21, 2 pm     

 Gable Cast, Sun, July 22, 1 pm                 Stein Cast, Sun, July 22, 6 pm


Parents-we can really use your help during the next couple of weeks at the tech/dress rehearsals and during the performances!  Visit the following link at ivolunteer to sign up. We appreciate any time you have to contribute!


Also, let’s sell out the show!  Please reach out to your friends and family to sell tickets over the next week.  Here is the link to buy tickets!



Show Week!!!



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