Seussical Rehearsal Tracks – Vocal

MUSIC WITH VOCALS (song titles below sound file):

02 Oh, The Thinks You Can Think!
03 Horton Hears A Who
04 Biggest Blame Fool
05 Biggest Blame Fool Playoff Gertrude McFuzz
06 Here On Who
07 Meet JoJo The Who
08 How To Raise A Child
09 Oh, The Things You Can Think (Reprise)
10 It’s Possible (Pt. 1)
11 It’s Possible (Pt. 2)
12 Alone in the Universe
13 The One Feather Tail of Ms. Gertrude McFuzz Amazing Mayzie
14 Amazing Gertrude (Pt.1)
15 Amazing Gertrude (Pt.2)
16 Monkey Around Chasing the Whos
17 Notice Me, Horton
18 How Lucky Are You
19 Mayzie’s Exit Horton Sits on the Egg Dilemma Hunters
20 Egg, Nest and Tree
21 Sold Mayzie in Palm Beach
22 Mayzie at the Circus
23 Amayzing Horton
24 Alone in the Universe (Reprise)
25 Solla Sollew
26 Gertrude Espionage (Pt.1)
27 Gertrude Espionage (Pt. 2)
28 All For You
29 The Whos Return The People vs Horton the Elephant (Pt.1)
30 The People vs Horton the Elephant (Pt.2)
31 Yopp!
32 Alone in the Universe (Reprise)
33 Oh, The Things You Can Think! (Finale)